Marsden Cove

The second stage of Marsden Cove Ltd’s residential canal subdivision at Marsden Bay, Whangarei Harbour is to be completed by Christmas 2009.  The area of canals is approximately 3ha, allowing boats to moor on private pontoons with more than 2.5m draught.  There are 75 residential properties surround the canals. 

A navigation lock and 36m long weir allow the Stage 2 canals to be held at an artificially high tide level.  Sea water exchange from the fully tidal marina into the Stage 2 Canals will occur during the top third of the tide cycle, with tide flux over the weir crest. 

The navigation lock, constructed as part of Stage 2, will allow vessels of up to 20m length and 6m beam, to enter and exit the Stage 2 canals at any stage of the tide.  The lock is able to be operated by remote controls (similar to garage door openers) or swipe cards at monitors mounted on pontoons either side of the lock chamber.  Operation allows gates at each end of the lock to open or close as necessary to change water levels in the barrel of the lock to lift or lower boats to canal or marina water level.

Pedestrians are able to cross the canal on a pedestrian bridge mounted on top of the weir, which accesses a draw bridge that crosses over the top of the lock structure.  The draw bridge will rise while vessels are traversing the lock, however the automatic operation of lock has the default position of the drawbridge in the lowered position, giving pedestrians right-of-way over boat passage. 

The canals themselves are open to public access for small craft, which are able to be launched from reserve areas fronting the canal, inclusive of an all-tide sand beach.  The lock itself will have restricted use, with canal front lot owners having access as-of-right, and visitors able to obtain access via the Marina Management Office.