About Us

We are Airey Consultants Ltd

For over 50 years we have operated as an integrated consultancy of engineers, construction professionals, and advisers.

Airey Consultants Ltd have been at the forefront of developing New Zealand's built environment, from our land development work to our building structures and specialist areas such as Marina and waterway development. We are always looking to use our creativity, knowledge and ingenuity to deliver creative, efficient solutions for our clients.

Described by our clients as “innovative”, “collaborative” and “ingenious” Airey name is synonymous with designing and delivering outstanding projects.

Airey have a proud history of tackling engineering challenges in the built environment which puts us in the perfect position to design for and advise our clients across a broad range of issues and challenges”.

Manu Withers – Director

Our Values

1. We are creators and innovators… in fact, we are Engineers – It takes courage to create. Our culture fosters a dynamic between knowledge, technology and understanding to create a greater vision, and unrestrained imagination and a managed risk.

2. We have a diverse team that encourages collaborative work towards solutions to create the best value for our clients. When we get it right it doesn’t just hummm…it sings.

3. We believe in mutual responsibility, of sharing our successes and taking ownership of any complications that may arise. It is an easy default to look at individual success. Teams need to share success and failure as a unit…as a team.

 Sustainability is intrinsic to the economic and social impact of our work. Going beyond minimum standards and compliance requirements requires challenging pre-conceptions. Taking the extra step.

5. We are more than a business. We care about those we work with, our wider communities, and the legacy of our work. We have a responsibility of care as an employer and influencers in the shaping of the world we all live in.


Our Climate Commitments

Here at Airey, we strive towards a more sustainable future. As a multi-disciplinary consultancy, we are in a strong position to assist and steer the developments of tomorrow to a greener future.

As part of our endeavours, we were proud to be a finalist in the New Zealand Sustainable Business awards in 2022.