The Hairy Aireys Strikes Again

Contributor: Natalie Rooseboom

Date: 22 March 2011

Congratulations to the Hairy Aireys for a tremendous effort that placed them 6th over all (out of more than 30 teams) in the Oxfam Water Challenge. This is the third year we have been participating and in our bid to win we have engaged 'The Directors' namely Roger “the Rug” Twiname, “Moldy” Mike Williams, Ian “The Goat” Gibson and James “Treebeard” Greenwood. 

Oxfam 2012 team

Mike (renamed “the Marlin” after the event) shot through the swimming leg and was FIRST out of the water. The soft sand was no issue and the team had the second most water in the buckets. Although the spectators could not keep up with the rest of the race - reports say it was spectacular. An administration error saw us not getting any points for the puzzle. See the scoreboard and let me know if you can figure out what their placing would have been with the correct answers.

And thank you for all the donations (Oxfam webpage) - with the sixth most funding on the day the team started only a minute behind the first team. WELL DONE!