Wastewater Treatment - Bream Bay


Airey Consultants Ltd have been appointed Project Managers and Secretary of the Bream Bay Landowners Association, which is a group of developers working in the Ruakaka/One Tree Point area. As further development could not proceed until the Ruakaka Wastewater Treatment Plant was upgraded, the developers decided to form an association and negotiate with the Whangarei District Council for the developers to provide funds for an early start of this project. After nearly 18 months of negotiation between the Bream Bay Landowners Association and the Whangarei District Council, the Council at its meeting on Tuesday 8 April approved the signing of a Deed between the two parties to enable the project to proceed.

Early planning is now under way for the upgrading of pumping stations and a reticulation temporary treatment plant and Phase One of a permanent treatment plant, all programmed to be completed by the end of 2009 as a first stage of the plant upgrade, the Project Manager for the BBLOA is Murray Smith, Director at Takapuna and he will be working with the Project Manager for the Whangarei District Council, Fraser Campbell. The estimated cost of the project is $23M.

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