Health and Safety Training


Aireys is committed both to ensuring the safety of their staff in the workplace and to providing the best advice to our clients on meeting their obligations under the Health and Safety Act. The Health and Safety Act imposes legal obligations upon Principals.  

Airey Consultants Ltd, the Principals' advisors, need to be able to give the best advice on implementing the correct procedures to ensure these legal obligations are met. Recently Aireys joined SiteSafe and subsequently all our engineering staff undertook a SiteSafe Passport course. Site Safe undertakes the research, development and co-ordination of health and safety activities designed and targeted at the construction industry - activities with the specific aim of reducing construction site injuries and deaths. The course taught our engineers how to be safe on site and also how to ensure, on behalf of our clients, that the correct practices and procedures are in place on each site. After completing the course each of our engineers was awarded a Site Safe Passport. 

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