First Ever Oxfam World Water Day Corporate Water Challenge

Asha Patel


Oxfam New Zealand organised an inaugural World Water Day Corporate Water Challenge for the Auckland Region on World Water Day the 22nd of March 09.  In the challenge relay teams of four swam, filled buckets with water and ran a “fairly easy route” (up North Head reserve!) through varied terrain carrying the buckets to the finish line.

Two teams from Aireys, the Airey Fairies and Hairy Aireys participated in the fundraising event. The start of challenge was staggered depending on how much funds were raised per department size. The teams from Aireys had amazing fundraising efforts and raised over $1200 and we started first and second. Both teams performed extremely well (the Airey Fairies did not finish last!).

All funds go towards Oxfam’s water & sanitation work in some of the world’s poorest countries. Some of the programmes include:
  • Helping communities to build their own rain water collection and storage systems in the highland of Papua New Guinea
  • Providing health education and raising community awareness on the importance of sanitation in East Timor.
  • Supporting villages in Tanzania to install hand pumps from wells using locally sourced materials.
The event was so successful that Oxfam will arrange one again next year.  If you’d like to learn more about their water & sanitation work, please check out website

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