Engineering Student Community Work

Contributor: Natalie Rooseboom

Date: 16 June 2010

As part of the requirements for an Engineering degree, engineering students have to complete at least 400 hours of work experience at an Engineering consultancy firm. Last year we received more than 30 applications from students for holiday work, from which we employed Ben Sanders.

In the past we would keep students busy with odd jobs like small design projects, filing, sorting the library and keeping the beer fridge stocked, but at the end of last year we decided to trial one of our students on a “community work” project.

We approached Getacross and offered Ben to help out on a voluntary basis. They immediately took us up on our offer and Ben received great work experience reviewing Engineering reports, financial information and design requirements. He went on a site visit of the harbour bridge with Getacross and New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) representatives and he also attended a meeting hosted by National MP Nikki Kaye, which was held to discuss how cycle projects such as GetAcross can become eligible to be branded as part of the Ministry of Tourism’s National Cycle Trail. Ben did a fantastic job and wrote a few reports as part of the project - and who knows, he may soon be able to cycle across the bridge as a result of his hard work.

This year we have two students working at Airey Consultants Ltd. If you know of a community organisation that could benefit from an Engineering student’s input, please contact Natalie. We would be happy to see if we can help you out.

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