Crime writing student

Contributor: Natalie Rooseboom

Date: 21 December 2010

Congratulations to Ben Sanders for the publication of his first novel. At the age of 20 he is one of the youngest New Zealanders ever to have a book published. Ben, an engineering student at Auckland University, has been working at Aireys during university holidays since December 2009. Last year, around this time, he found out his book has been accepted for publication by Harper Collins and the book appeared in shops at the beginning of August. He has signed a 2-book deal and we are all awaiting in anticipation, the next exploits of Auckland cop Sean Deveraux - the leading character in this extremely clever crime novel. 

The first print run of his novel “The Fallen” sold out within weeks and it is already up to its third print run. Ben’s mum Gael is a planner at Burton Consultants, which has close ties with Aireys, and she has been able to keep us up to date with his progress. Ben’s dad is a planner at Auckland Council. Ben’s grandmother has the honour of being the first to read his novel twice. Ben wants to complete his degree and continue working as an engineer - to keep his feet in the real world (which the guys in the corner of the office will definitely help him do). He has already completed a rough draft of his second novel and is in the process of polishing it for publication. Well done Ben!
The fallen