Pauanui Waterways

Stage 3 of the Pauanui Waterways Canal development commenced in June 2009, with approximately 5.5ha of navigable canal to be completed and due to be inundated with sea water prior to Christmas 2009.  43 canal frontage sections are also due to be released to the market at the same time, followed by a further 20 shortly thereafter, which will be slightly delayed as they are to be used in the earthworks balance during the removal of the sand cofferdam at the canal entrance to the existing tidal canals.

A further two stages abutting the canals are to be held back from market release at this time, with a view to developing these areas as multi-storey apartment units, with an associated marina, floating restaurant, boat ramp facilities and a second area of medium density dwellings with an associated beach and marina berthage.  This stage completes the canal frontage development area of the Pauanui Waterways consent.  That consent was the first Resource Consent issued under the Resource Management Act at its implementation in 1992.  This stage of development will now bring the number of lots released to over 300 canal front sites.


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